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Internet Marketing is a long term business.

If you’ve tried your hand at it for 2 or 3 months and made no progress or money, then said to yourself , this is to hard!, so you gave up and walked away, number one, your not thinking of the long term approach, number two, if your just looking for a fast dollar by promoting the latest buzz, there again your not focusing on the long term effect, as everything you do towards building your business on line, should be looked at in a long term perspective.

So everything I do in my network marketing business, I do with the long term approach. My ventures are not only time proven, but will only be bigger and better years down the road.

If your new to the Internet and marketing on line, until you get familiar with the business, a good rule to follow would be to stick to ONE biz, as it would be hard to baby sit 4 little rug rats, when you have haven’t cared for the ONE the first time.

I would choose ONE and think 4 or 5 years down the road, and year after year your business will grow.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been in business for years, you should always stay up-to-date with your market information. There are thousands of web content mining sites available.

If i were to express one aspect the most in this business would be that once you have that first success, all that more success is, is doing more of it.

Internet Marketing Tips!

About The Author

Steve Guttridge, Inspiring people and sharing knowledge, Helping those trying to figure out how to increase their online viability.
Check out some of Michael Wong’s free tips on how to market your business online, visit his website below.

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8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

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By Steve Guttridge

Bum Marketer? I had a friend asked me that when she stumbled across my blog.

What exactly is bum marketing she asked?

Bum marketing is based on some simple methods used to generate an income. While it’s true you can earn online without much knowledge of web based marketing, like with any other business your going to want to maximize your efforts and invest in your education.

I want everyone to know the main purpose of this blog  is to teach people how to earn online and work from home.

I have never been more content since I’ve been able to work and do it from home. It’s been pretty cool!!
I created this blog to give me a place to connect with my readers and those on my contact lists on a higher level.

So, I’m a Draftsman by trade turned stay at home marketer. Working in affiliate promotions, creating digital products, and targeting offline businesses. Ranking high in the  search engines for highly searched keywords along with keeping up with the latest marketing trends.

Advertising results are directly proportionate to ones efforts and all it takes is some time, effort and following those who have already figured it out. I hope you Decide to stick around and check out some articles. The First couple posts will take you through article marketing and are the exact methods I used when first started marketing online.

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding” Below is a couple screen shots of a site I created that’s getting first page ranking’s using Bum marketing Techniques. Of course you will have to purchased the domain name and pay a monthly fee for hosting, But, if your looking to get serious about things, these minor necessities won’t be an issue. You can pick up a targeted domain name for around 10 bucks, and pay around the same per month to have your domain hosted.

Building Outdoor Storage is a domain I purchased back in feb. of 2010,  It’s a search phrase that Google says gets  2,900 searches/month. I was able to get a first page ranking in a very short  time. Currently bouncing around from 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

When you see the adds on the right hand side of this screen shot, that means people are paying for the search phrase “building outdoor storage”, Actually Google says if you want that position you’ll have to pay up to $2.22/click. (this is how much you would have to pay each time someone clicks on your ad). The highlighted add on the left is called an organic listing and the ads on the right are paid google adwords listings. You can very well pay for your site to get first page rankings, but why do that when you can learn how to get there for free, over and over.




Creating residual income takes time. It does not matter what method it is you are using.

Do not enter into any business thinking that you put down $200 and within six months you will create a large long term income. You have to give it some time.

It is not your fault you probably think you can create a long term residual income quickly and easily with Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is built on dreams and financial hopes.

You hear all the testimonials of people making huge amounts of money quickly with a company and you think it is easy and anyone can jump right in and do it. The truth is these testimonials are the exceptions and not the rule.

One thing true of marketing; Your results will be directly proportional to your advertising efforts. When you hear of people who make lots of money quickly you are hearing stories of exceptionally productive people and not your average mom or dad.

Marketing Business Facts – Do It the Bum Marketing Way

One of the quickest and easiest way to earn on the Internet is the Bum Marketing way. Bum Marketing is based around some simple ideas; the main idea being you can make money online using  free methods.

In a nutshell, to get rolling, you get a free Blogger blog from Blogger, or a free Word Press blog from Word Press, and then you open an account at clickbank and find an e-book with high gravity to promote.


First open a free account at Clickbank.

Next, open a free account at Ezine Articles.

(upper right hand corner)


Now, write a 400-800 word article that has to do with the product you are promoting from Click Bank.


Things will start clicking once you get going. Decide what blog platform you want to use (I use Word Press). Create your blog with totally different content than you use in any of your articles.

Ezine Articles have a resource box at the bottom of the page that will point to your blog address or domain name.


Search for a good title for your article by going to the site called Google AdWords keyword tool.

Next,  you will see a white box that say “Find keywords”

Get an idea by typing in the title phrase of the article you have in mind. Once you put your keywords in, it will give you a whole list of similar keywords along with the search volume.

(using Tinnitus Cure as an example)


You will want to find a keyword with low advertiser competition with at least 500 monthly global searches/mo, 1,000 or more if possible. Make sure your using the broad search option located under match type.

To make sure people are paying to for the keyword phrase you choose, go to the google search bar and type in your title (using tinnitus as an example).


Make sure you type in the phrase in quotes “tinnitus”. Once the page comes up, if you see ads on the right hand side, that means people are paying for that search phrase.


You can do many things to help promote your products better, but for the sake of Bum Marketing, you can get rolling for free with 3 free programs; WordPress, Clickbank, and Ezine Articles.

Stick around for more web based marketing info.


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Work From Anywhere


Thanks for stopping by my page, A little about me. My name is Steve Guttridge, born and raised in Northern California.  After a fast start in the work force back in 1985 , I got in a motorcycle accident and severed my spine. I was 18 yrs.old.  I’m paralyzed from the middle of my chest, I severed my spinal cord at level T-4,  I also smashed the right side of my head which caused left side fine motor skill nerve damage. Compound fractured both my shins and two bowel obstructions included.

I went to a local community college in 1990 and took a technical course that lasted for 11 months, it was 5 days a week 10 hours a day, there I learned how to do AutoCAD (Computer Assisted drawing), continued with an internship with the US Forest service for 2-1/2 years drawing details, right-0-way plats and general road excavation designs. After the Forest service I went on my own and started private contracting for a local Interior design Firm as well as a local Engineering Firm. 

The year 2007-2008 came around and the financial collapse, along with that came a near total collapse of new house building and the building of upscale track model homes. So, I decided to focus my efforts online. After 8 years of building blogs and promoting Google ad sense sites, , I decided to try E commerce,  a drop shipping eBay – Amazon platform.  

Well, I started eCommerce the last week of November 2013, today is August 13th of 2015 and I’m still going strong.  I have been selling on eBay & Amazon now for just around a year.

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When writing articles we need toweb-based-marketing
remember to make our points solid.
If you give someone something concrete,
which they can picture in their own mind and easily connect with, we will do a much better job at persuading them to take the next step.

Although we can use many different trigger words in our writing, we need to pay close attention to who our target prospect is and communicate just one solid idea that will reverberate with the prospect.

When you write the article, don’t forget,
we are putting ourselves inside the
conversation of someone else’s head,
and this usually always means the
conversation is about what is best for them.

The reader needs know that we have the answer to their problem. Generally people only care about solving their problems and could care less about you and your issues. What people want is something that benefits them. Always remember this when writing your articles.

Here’s your 5 steps to article bliss…

1. What is our prospect’s pain or problem?

2. Why hasn’t the issue been solved?

3. If the problem was solved, in what way would their life be different?

4. Why is it possible now to fix the problem?

5. Tell your prospect what to do now!

The first four pieces of the puzzle is the blueprint to follow when constructing
the body of your article.

Number 5 will be your resource box or call to action.

First we need to point out the problem, then we let the reader know their predicament
is not caused by something brought upon by themselves.

We then show them the light at the end of the tunnel. We talk about how
life will be better by eliminating the problem, then continue to tell
the reader what things will be like once the problem is solved.

Now we tell them what the awesome thing is that will eliminate their problem.

Follow this blueprint when writing your articles and lead your reader through
a story line.

I have found by writing articles in a story form that my click through rates
have increased ten fold. Whether you include family members in your story, or
maybe even a neighbor, its always a good idea to write in story form.

If your hard press to find ideas for a resource box that converts:
try this one out below:

Are you making any mistakes which will prevent you from EVER making money online?
I hate to admit it but I made many myself! Find out what they are and how to avoid
them by visiting [link to your site] right now before you waste any more time!



4-Day Money Making Blueprint

Article Blog

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By JuiceScribe:
Previously, we analyze how verbs, specifically, action verbs, can inject some real compelling power into your sales copy.

And of course, there is also the mandatory mention of ScribeJuice with it’s powerful database of power words which you cane extract and use in your sales copy.

Let’s have a revision again shall we?

Writing a good sales copy that SELLS is about tapping into the reader’s mind and desire.

We need to keep them entertained, engaged and informed – all through the way, to the ‘buy’ button.

Having short but powerful action verbs in place can stimulate the emotions in the readers, and really grab them by the BALLS!

However Not All Verbs Are Equal

Some are more powerful than others.

For example, we say we want to kill your opponent.

The word ‘kill’ is the verb here.

Now, ‘kill’ is a pretty strong verb, but what about

‘obliterate’ ?

‘eliminate’ ?

‘annihilate’ ?

‘exterminate’ ?

They are more powerful ain’t it?

That’s not all I’m gonna share with you.

Sometimes, small changes can bring the biggest results in your sales copy.

Here goes:

1. Avoid using passive verbs that leave your copy dull an uninteresting as much as you can.

Passive verbs include “is”, “am”, “were”, “was”, “are”, “be”, “being” and “been”.

Use active verbs instead.

2. Replace authoritative tense verbs such as “should”, “could” and “would”. These may offend readers as it appear as if you are telling them what to do.

3. Use more of ‘I want…’ terms.

For example..

“I want to show you….”

“I want to teach you..”

“I want to reveal a top secret….”

4. Avoid using adverbs. These are words that usually end in ‘ly’.

Example: “ran quickly”.

Instead use a more direct verb. We can say “zoom past”.

More active. More powerful.

Not all adverbs are wrong though. Just replace those we can with more compelling active verbs whenever we can.

Now, with these 4 tips, coupled with the powerful capability of Scribe Juice, look forward to a more action filled and compelling sales copy!


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By Jackie Lee

Backlinks are really important in the world of Search Engine Optimization. If you want your site to do well in google search results you have to have a good page rank. If you want a higher page rank you’re going to need some backlinks.

Backlinks are simply a link from somewhere else to your site.

It’s a really easy concept, in fact, it’s really easy to do. Making a backlink only takes a minute or two. That’s not too bad. However, when you are talking about having thousands of backlinks to your site, you start talking in the thousands of minutes and that IS a long time.

Creating backlinks can be time consuming and seriously tedious and boring, but you have to do it! This lens is going to discuss different ways you can get quality, high page ranked, backlinks, and more importantly, ways you can automate the process and make it go FAST!

Creating Backlinks

using blogs

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are a link to your website from another website. The search engines love these. When they see the link on someone else’s site it sends the spiders over to your site and they index your site getting it placed on a search engine organically instead of you going over and entering it. This way is preferred by the search engines.

Where do I put backlinks?

You can put backlinks in any number of locations. You can use them in signatures in forums, you can pay for them, but today we are talking about putting them in blogs.

You find a blog that is about a similar topic as what you will be linking to. You read the blog and then you make an insightful and meaningful comment to the post. When you are finished with your post you also put a link to the site you want the search engines to go look at. (and the other people reading the blog for that matter) :)

How do I make a backlink?

To make a backlink it takes a couple steps. (they’re real easy don’t worry)

1. Know your url. If you want your link to send people to the front page, or to a specific article or blog post, make sure you have the specific url for that. For example it might be the difference between which is the main page of my personal blog or this: which is a specific post.

2. Now you need a little html magic. You will need to use this html code to make a link:

3. You will need a keyword for your link. Don’t use a keyword that is in the title of your blog/article/website, because the search engines will already see it in your url. Choose something else that is relevant to where you are sending people. For example, using the above post I might use the key word Peanut Butter and Jelly Chicken Stew.

Let’s use the example from my blog and I’ll show you what it looks like, in code and then the way it appears in code.

Here’s what it will look like in my comment:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Chicken Stew

Backlinks from blogs are great and you need to think about the page rank of the blog before you leave the backlink. You should be backlinking from a blog with a higher page rank. I would choose at least a 4 or 5. It may have to be lower depending on your niche.

Searching out blogs and figuring out what their page rank is could take forever. That’s not even including going and making your comment.

You guessed it. I found you some great software to use to help get this done fast.

Comment Hut

Let’s see what Comment Hut is and what it will do for you.

Comment Hut is NOT a blog spamming software. It does not leave your comments and backlinks.

Comment Hut DOES search out blogs by keyword and then tell you what the page rank is of the blog.

You then go and read the post, and post your comment with your backlink.

It is a huge time saver. You no longer have to spend all your time looking for appropriate blogs which can take forever. You also now know what the page rank is for the blog and you can choose to post a comment or not depending on the page rank.

It’s a great piece of software, and it will save you time and you will see more traffic and you will find yourself on the search engines faster and easier. The other plus, my favorite one, it’s free! Well again, there is a “lite” version for free. You can get all the blogs from wordpress listed in the lite version. If you want more choices from other places you can upgrade and get blogs from just about every other blogging source you can think of. The wordpress blogs will do you for a while though.

Go get yourself some blog backlinks with Comment Hut

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Internet marketing is exciting, challenging, and confusing.

It can make or break your Internet business career and yet many people who depend on Internet marketing don’t have a full grasp of the essentials involved in internet marketing.

In fact, many Internet entrepreneurs waste a great deal of time, energy, and momentum because they do not fully understand Internet marketing. Don’t let this lack of understanding undermine your income potential.

In order for you to better understand Internet marketing and its impact on your web based business you must know the answers to these three key questions:

1. What Is Internet Marketing?
2. What Is The Cost Of Internet Marketing?
3. What Is The Benefit of Internet Marketing?

What Is Internet Marketing?

Marketing is actually rather simple. Marketing is communication about an idea, product, service, or organization. Marketing therefore encompasses advertising, promotion and sales as well as the various techniques and forms of communication used to advertise, promote and sell.

Marketing is broader than simple advertising or promotion in that it includes researching the market to learn what consumers want and then setting out to meet their needs with the appropriate product, price, and distribution method. Marketing includes market research, deciding on products and prices, advertising promoting distributing and selling.

Marketing also covers all the activities involved in moving products and services from the source to the end user including making customers aware of products and services, attracting new customers to a product or service, keeping existing customers interested in a product or service, and building and maintaining a customer base for a product or service.

Internet marketing includes these same activities but also pulls in various Internet tools including web sites, email, ezines, banner advertising, blogging, RSS, text links, search engine optimization, affiliates, autoresponders, and other ecommerce applications.

What Is The Cost Of Internet Marketing?

The range of expenses for web based marketing is huge. There are a number of promotional and marketing ventures that can cost you nothing or only pennies a day while other advertising efforts can cost you thousands a day.

It is important to consider your goals — both long-term and short-term — as well as how much each prospective customer is worth to you. This will help you determine a workable budget for your  marketing campaign.

Many Internet promotions are free, you can set up a web site and/or blog for $250 a year, and you can buy text links for $10 a month. You could easily spend $25-50 a day for advertising but there are many cheaper ad options available.

The best program is to start small and cheap and slowly build as you test and learn what is successful for your market and product. There is no perfect advertising solution that works wonders for everyone. Each marketer and each product has a different formula.

What Is The Benefit of Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing offers more benefits than many traditional marketing mediums. The very nature of web sites and blogs is that they continue working to promote and market your product long after your initial marketing effort is over. Similarly many advertising efforts, such as ezines, newsletters, banners, and text links also continue to increase in power over time.

Email marketing can be a tremendous surge in contacts and sales and offers the ability to personalize your message as well as reach a targeted audience so your chance for sales goes up exponentially.

The other tremendous benefit of Internet marketing is that it offers convenience and immediate satisfaction. Your potential customer sees your marketing message when it is convenient for them — and often when they are seeking information about your specific topic.

Then you offer them the ability to act on that interest right then. They can locate your product and buy in the time it would take to watch a commercial on television or turn a page in the newspaper. That is the power of Internet marketing.

Now that you have the answers to these three key questions, you are ready to begin your own web based marketing campaign — and succeed with your Internet venture.

Looking for quality articles to put on your website or blog? check out the webs number one resource.

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Take a look around at different websites to see what attracts attention, and some things that don’t.

There is no doubt that there are things that attract people and there are things that totally turn people off.

Below is a list of 13 tips that can help make your website more successful. Most of them are simple but quite effective at making your site more user friendly.

1. Make your site simple – With all of the bells and whistles available, too many people are trying to see how impressive they can make their websites. They may be attractive but unless your goal is to win a contest for best site, impressing people with glitter will not make sales.

2. Make sure your site loads quickly – You do not have long to grab your customer’s attention. Make sure that you at least get a fair shot at grabbing his attention. If your site takes too long to load, you will lose a lot of potential customers without even giving your site a chance.

3. Don’t have too many items on one page – You do not want to confuse your visitors. You want to make sure that they understand the purpose of your site. Too many items on one page can make this difficult for some. Don’t take the chance. Make all of your pages simple.

4. Make sure every page lings to home page – It is much easier for your visitors to navigate if all of your pages link back to the home page. You will not lose as many potential customers if you make your site easier to navigate.

5. Get your own domain name – Free servers are great for some things but trying to gain credibility in a business is not one of them. It is well worth the price to get your own domain.

6. Make sure your hosting service offers full support – You want your service to have CGI access and offer secure ordering. This is a place that you don’t want to go for cheap. Make sure your service offers the things you need before you choose and save a lot of headaches down the road.

7. Offer as many options for ordering as possible – The more options you provide for ordering, the fewer customers you will lose. You should have a secure order form on your site. Offering the options to order by phone, fax and by regular mail can also increase the number who will order.

8. Make sure you accept credit cards – If you don’t accept credit cards, you are making a huge mistake. The biggest percent of your customers will pay this way if the option is available. Don’t take the chance that they will choose another method if credit cards are not a possibility.

9. Offer free information on your site – You will want to offer some type of free material on your site. Free material such as courses are a very good way to build yourself as an expert in the eyes of your visitor. Free ebooks are another good thing to offer. Make sure these freebies are good solid information that can help your visitors.

10. Get your visitor’s email address – You can accomplish this in quite a few different ways. Giving away the courses or ebooks is one great way. You can publish a newsletter or ezine that your visitors can sign up for on your site.

11. Make sure to build your site with purpose in mind – If you are trying to sell a product on your site, then sell that product. If you are just trying to get addresses and make the sale later, then make that your purpose when building your site.

12. Encourage feedback – Make your visitor feel like his opinion is important. Offer him the chance to provide you with feedback. Don’t be too proud to make changes if you start hearing some of the same things from your visitors.

13. Remember that you are building this site for your customers – This is not a site to fulfill some fantasy of yours. Remember the purpose of your site. Keep your customers wants and needs in your mind as you design it.

Your website is one of those things that will determine if you are a marketing success. Make sure that you make your website user friendly.

Also make sure that you don’t lose sight of the purpose of your site. If your sit e does not come across direct to your visitor, you are going to lose many visitors before you can even make a pitch.

Looking for quality articles to put on your website or blog? check out the webs number one resource.

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lost everything (literally overnight) and
you’re now bankrupt.

What would you do? How would you

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What is a Domain Name?

4netweb-domain-names-learningYour website has a unique address called an IP address. The domain name–in essence, is the IP address with a naming convention. It is far easier for people to remember a name instead of a bunch of numbers.

Creating A Domain Name

Many people new to the Internet and to the Internet Business, do not realize the importance of a Domain Name, they just think they can put up any creative name and people will come. If you’re lucky, that may be true, but in truth, your creativity should incorporate the following tips:

When creating a domain name, you should keep in mind the following tips:

  • 1. If it is possible, go with a “.com” extension. This is the most common, and easier for people to remember. In case no .com is available, opt. for a .net, or .org.
  • 2. The name itself — Do not use dashes or numbers in your domain name–it is hard for people to remember, unless it is central to the theme of your site.
  • 3. Keep your name as compact as possible — the fewer words in the naming/description of your website will makes it easier for people to remember your site name, and that is definitely what you want.

Protecting Your Domain Name

Once you have your domain name, and your website is flourishing — you must protect your domain.

So how do you protect your domain? At the end of the year, the registrar will send you a notice that your domain name is about to expire. Inadvertently, you may be thinking, that they just want your money, and they can darn well wait til the date it is due to get your money! Well, I wouldn’t do that. There is a very legitimate process called “drop catching”– that can easily destroy all your hard work in one instance.

Drop Catching

Drop catching is a legal process by which people can quickly grab domain names that have expired and use the link to create a website consisting of advertisements — or worse yet, resell them to make a profit off of your hard earned traffic. So, it is wise that you do not wait til the last minute to pay your registration. You do not want to log-in to your site, to find an error, or find out that suddenly you are no longer in business.

The rules of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), gives domain registrars 45 days after the expiration date to notify the website owner that their domain name is going to be dropped from the registry. After the 45 days, you have a 30 day grace period, then your domain is up for grabs. However ..

Some domain services have created an auction process for expired names, such as, that begins the auctioning of domain names in as little of 30 days after the expiration date, to prospective buyers. However, does state to the prospective buyer in the auction process, that the original owners still have the option of reclaiming their name.

What’s in a name? If it’s a domain name, it can be your future online. So choose wisely, and protect what you worked, or have been working for — a business online.

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So does website color really matter?

Different colors can effect our moods, and having a website with colors that compliment each other would be ideal. I think this is one thing everyone building blogs and websites would agree on.

On the other hand, how many people really take the time to figure it out?

Many experts say there is a Science behind color choice and putting the right combination of colors together can make a difference on the over all effectiveness of the website.

Knowing what colors look good together is not my area of expertise, and I surely don’t understand the psychology on how colors effect us. But, thanks to some handy tools out there, anyone can become the expert. These tools do it for you!

The video below will explain these helpful tools.

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By Daegan Smith

Every now and again you should decide to remove the curtain and share something that is literally priceless and personal – The realization of a goal achieved.

When I started this home business stuff my FIRST big goal was to earn enough to pay for my younger brother to go to college. Turned out he didn’t need me for that, getting a virtual full ride to MIT, so we decided to embark on a special trip and I recorded videos to share that priceless experience.

There was one person puzzled by why I shared this, he said “I don’t understand the lesson I’m supposed to learn except for the fact you can afford a trip like this and I can’t.” And that’s completely opposite of why I shared these videos.

Let me explain…

First off, sometimes I’m not always trying to teach. These videos are just something I really wanted to share with the group. No, I’m not trying to say “look at how great I am,” it’s actually the opposite message I’m trying to convey. Simply…

If I, just some guy, can commit to and realize these personal dreams so can anyone, but more importantly, and probably something most people missed is…

The importance of celebration. Never EVER forget to do it.

If you’ve been watching the historic moments in the current Olympics you’ve seen Michael Phelps break world record after world record. You’ve also seen Usain Bolt do the same.

After each new milestone they’ve reached, if you’ve watched closely you’ve seen them celebrate. Now the debate on TV is “is this celebration over the top?” My take is absolutely NOT. You break several world records and, in my opinion, you have permission to celebrate till the cows come home.

What people misunderstand is they think this celebration is “showing off”.

It’s not, it’s personal, and it’s simply a physical manifestation of the excitement dreams worked on countless hours while no one is looking once achieved creates. It’s a release of “good” energy.

In fact, one thing I’ve done, is I’ve taken news clipping of these guys celebrating and plastered them on my wall and written on them “Never EVER Forget To Celebrate!”

I want to share in that energy because I know it’ll help me reach my own new heights.

If you’re building a dream, a part of that vision on the other end of the tunnel better be you celebrating your success.

The mistake I see most people make is they don’t celebrate the small stuff. If you’ve never gotten a lead and you get your first one throw your arms up in the air and scream “HURRAHH!!!”

And do this every step of the way and you’ll find yourself having a ton more fun, getting to the next goal quicker and with more excitement than the previous, and you’ll soon find yourself surpassing anything and everything you ever thought possible.

If you’re fresh out of the gates, one thing you’ll also notice is that both Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps had a game plan. This is essential to setting the path to creating your own version of greatness. We all need a success to model and here’s where to get your game plane for creating life changing experiences in your home business.

Daegan Smith is an expert online marketer, trainer, and teacher.

Head here to to discover the three simple steps to making more than a full time income in your online home business now.

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